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"The crew at RAW Fitness will get the best out of you and have you heading in the right direction towards your health and fitness goals in a supportive, fun and motivating environment. They have a culture where people of various abilities with various goals can rock up without any apprehensions knowing you'll be in for a fun, kick ass workout. The RAW whanau will get the best out of you, trainers and peers alike."



"The commitment to teaching correct technique to build a strong foundation, and working with me to improve mobility is paying off, and my family and I, are enjoying the benefits of my improving mobility and strength in my everyday life."


"Going into RAW fitness I was lacking confidence, motivation and support in my fitness journey. Within the first week, I was in awe of the brilliant training schedule and the sense of community that they have created.

I’ve accomplisher a lot since joining the gym and one in particular is my strength. Week 1 I could only throw a 9kg deadball over my shoulder and week 8 I could throw an easy 45kg. Not only has RAW increased my strength but also my fitness, my mental health and most importantly my confidence.

In addition to this, I have discovered that RAW is a place you WANT to be every day. I never get that nagging feeling of “damn I have to train today” - I am always excited to get up every day and come to RAW.

The support you receive from the coaches is invaluable, they are a group of motivating, supportive, encouraging, like minded people who really take pride and passion in their work. Head coach Stacey is always available for when you are feeling defeated and need some words of encouragement, when you need help with your technique, when you want to share your successes or when you just need a laugh.

One key thing that drew me in to RAW is how child friendly they are. Children of all ages are welcome to come along and the coaches do their best to support us mums wanting to feel more like ourselves again.

Since beginning at RAW, I have made some amazing achievements, ones I am excited to share and encourage others to follow in my footsteps.  

Not only the coaches but all the members are very welcoming and supportive of each other, you truly feel like you're one big family.

If you need a place to begin your fitness journey and want to be strong and confident then RAW is the place for you."


"Since beginning RAW two and a half years ago I can honestly say that joining the RAW whanau has been by far the best decision I have made in terms of both a physical well being & mental state of mind.
I was very hesitant to perform certain movements due to some serious injuries, but the way RAW has helped bring out the self belief to perform these exact same movements with confidence has been second to none and that is all thanks to the unreal coaches and mentors we have at RAW.
With a performance-focused mind set, RAW has helped me push my body to places I never thought it could go - especially after those setbacks.
Easily the best and most supportive gym around."


"I love that I get to train my big lifts and develop my strength, without compromising on being fast and having a strong heart. I get to lift heavy, jump high, sprint fast, power through weighted movements, test my aerobic and mental capacity, and most importantly–move correctly. I love how the Raw programme is designed to train the body's different energy systems in a smart and intentional way, which means I can train hard in each session but am not exhausted by the end of the week.
But I wouldn't be able to do any of it if it weren't for the RAW whanau. Everyone is so supportive and genuinely wants you to do the best you can. Whether you're first or last, can do 10 pulls or none at all; RAW will celebrate that and keep cheering you on."