Show Me The Money

Stacey Kyle

Head Coach

Ever heard of Retail therapy? I certainly have and it often gets the better of me, the idea of spending money on yourself to make you feel good. The problem with retail therapy is more often than not, that good feeling doesn’t last and we are left feeling as empty as our bank accounts.

Imagine if there was something else we could spend our money on that would make us feel good and last - how about training effectively for performance and results?

I’m not talking about your $15 per week standard gym membership where you donate and maybe turn up a few times a year to say you’ve been. I’m talking a Strength and Conditioning Centre with qualified, knowledgeable and keen coaches at your fingertips. An environment of supportive, like-minded individuals ready to push alongside you. Detailed, well thought out programming delivered to you in an easy-to-understand format.

I was asked to write an article about why it’s worth spending money on your training and honestly, I don’t know how to fill the page. To me it’s simple – want to live life better and longer? Invest.

However, I know that Functional Training Centres like RAW Fitness can seem really expensive from the outside and quite intimidating – but if you broke down everything your money is spent on and took a closer look, I bet you spend a lot more on other things that are meant to make you 'feel good', and your still not feeling like you’re walking on clouds right? So why not try to move some of that money you spend on a night out with friends and put it towards you, towards your future, towards your better life.

When you actually break down what is included in memberships like ours it doesn’t take much time to understand why we are the price we are but also why it is worth paying that.

Seriously ask yourself how much you have spent in the past to make yourself feel and look better - has it worked? Our memberships in particular not only include unlimited small group strength and conditioning classes, fitness/strength testing and highly qualified coaches at each session but we also offer goal setting consults, seminars, useful content, prizes, challenges, social activities and more. Considering a one-week membership is still half of what I use to charge for a 1 on 1 personal training session once a week with no extra contact or support. When you look at it like that surely it doesn’t seem so bad?

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