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Performance Focused Training

The program at RAW is perfectly balanced to address all areas in athleticism. The foundation of all training should consist of strength, speed, endurance, coordination and mobility. 

GPP - General Physical Preparedness

The plan for these sessions is to front load or back fill weak areas, mobility, flexibility and assistance work needed for joint health and performance increases. Increasing the general workload thus increasing the persons overall ability. This can be a technique based session if need as well. Sessions will be designed to get you moving after a day or two off, increasing your muscular endurance and over all work rate.

ESD - Energy System Development

Energy System Development (ESD) sessions are comprised of interval work on the ski/rower/bike/running. This works in conjunction with the strength (STR) cycle to increase power, speed and VO2 Max.

This means improving your overall work capacity, enabling you to work harder and stronger, whilst improving your ability to recover from extended work and remain focused on the task at hand.

FYF - F*ck You Friday

The goal of FYF is to showcase your mental and physical capability, why we are who we are. This is your chance to explore the grit and determination forged in the previous weeks/blocks of training.

Preparing an athlete to succeed in their sporting arena boils down to this – you must appropriately apply your training tools to trans-fer weight room progress to the arena or you’re just wasting time. 

STR - Strength

The strength component will run through a number of phases:

  1. Strength (building a strong base)

  2. Power (developing from your STR base)

  3. Strength Endurance (increasing your overall capacity formed by the previous STR/PWR blocks). This means squatting in all forms, pressing, deadlifting, and all accessory movements that come along with a solid program.

IWT - Interval Weight Training

A highly sophisticated and effective means of multi-variable cross-training to optimise performance in a wide variety of sports. Through the proper selection and manipulation of IWT intensity (load, intensity, volume, and frequency of training) an extremely high level of total athletic fitness can be achieved.

OLY - Olympic Weightlifting

Learning the classical lifts takes time, patience, attention to detail and work ethic. We believe separating weightlifting from other sessions is required in order to become proficient and thus, benefit from the adaptations of this discipline.

Build athleticism, strength, mobility and coordination constantly with these sessions.

YOGA - Mobility and Recovery

The purpose of all sessions at RAW is to work hard, dig deep, and be intense. Recovery is crucial in maintaining a high standard throughout the week along with adapting to the stimulus of the program . Yoga provides our athletes with an outlet for stress, and for recovery and mobilisation.