The program at RAW is perfectly balanced to address all areas in athleticism. The foundation of all training should consist of strength, speed, endurance, coordination and mobility. 


This is how we begin the training week. If you could only choose one training method to use for any given training week, this would be it. IWT's utilise functional power movements, foundational strength movements and different variations of cross-training to stimulate the athlete for any sport. Athleticism, strength and power under fatigue will all be improved in this session. Exceptionally rewarding.


It's great to be strong - but it's crucial that you can also move with intensity for an extended period of time. Work Capacity sessions will improve all three of your body's natural energy systems; ATP-PC, Anaerobic and Aerobic, and these different systems will be worked on in conjunction with the Strength Development programming to ensure you can improve your engine alongside the numbers on the barbell. We will use running, cycling, skiing and rowing predominantly in these sessions.


Game day. While you will benefit from FYFs physically, there are other aspects at play here. The mental resilience you build, the comradery and respect you gain by grinding with your peers towards a common goal, and the confidence you have from knowing you can get through these sessions are what sets this session apart from all others. These are certainly testing, but they are one of the most important sessions in our week.

The term FYF was originally used by a gym in Utah called Gym Jones who famously programmed these workouts every Friday. We paradoxically hold these on Saturdays to make sure we can include as much of the gym base as possible.


The strength component of our programming is periodised quarterly and are carefully thought through to balance the overall training schedule for our athletes. Strength endurance, hypertrophy, outright strength and power will all be addressed throughout the different phases of our programme in conjunction with the rest of the general physical preparedness theme that we believe in. All important lifts and movements will be used - and you will perform them competently.


Almost every facet of physical performance will be addressed weekly at RAW. If not, we will

insert specific sessions to address the missing link. These sessions will consist of a variety of movements, intensities, time domains and rest periods that have not been utilised as often as we would like that week, while also providing a mentally refreshing training type for our members that still move us forward in our pursuit of progress. Again, the main aim here is to inch our yardstick further forward in all aspects of physical performance.


Learning the classical lifts takes time, patience, attention to detail and work ethic. We believe separating weightlifting from other sessions is required in order to become proficient and thus, benefit from the adaptations of this discipline. Build athleticism, strength, mobility and

coordination constantly with this programme.


  • Each session is entirely coached by one of our highly trained, qualified strength and conditioning coaches.​

  • All classes begin with a full body warm up which is essential to preventing injury and to prime the central nervous system for the work ahead. 

  •  The coach will then run through the session plan for the day, making sure to go through each movement in detail.

  •  Our focus is quality movement, not just for safety, but to make sure we are maximising the benefits of each exercise.

  •  Throughout the class, the coach is always present. They are there to guide you, to answer your questions, to provide extra help if needed, and to hold you accountable in your efforts.

  •  We celebrate all wins - big or small.

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